Tea cannot be purchased by price comparison

Unlike other products on the market, tea cannot be bought by choosing by name and comparing prices. A hundred teas with the same name from a hundred different e-shops will quite possibly be a hundred different teas. They can differ in many attributes such as place of origin, terroir, authenticity, processing, grade, method and place of aging and others. That's why we offer samples. If you're trying tea from a vendor you're unfamiliar with, taste samples and make up your own mind. Tea should always be tasted before buying a larger quantity.

Save money at many occasions in our e-shop

At Good Tea, we always prefer to sell higher grade tea with a lower margin than the other way around. We don't spend thousands on online marketing, we prefer to import better tea. Good tea sells itself, from person to person. We build on a good ratio between price and quality. For larger orders, the customer automatically receives a discount and free shipping. For each purchase you receive registered points, thanks to which you save on your next purchase.

We are active collectors of archival teas

Hong Kong is our second home. We spend a lot of time there among people in the community of archival tea collectors and we are active collectors ourselves. With some exceptions, we do not offer this type of tea through the e-shop, but we are happy to meet any interested parties in person.

A lot of antique teaware pass through our hands

We are connected with many antique tea dealers from China, Japan and other places, most of them are our long time friends. However, only a small part of the offer reaches the e-shop. If you want a specific type of teaware, new or old, don't be afraid to ask us.

Why TCM?

Simply because we in Good Tea use and work with Chinese medicine products, herbal blends and others, and it makes sense for us to expand our portfolio with selected TCM products. Typically, people interested in TCM drink tea, and vice versa, tea lovers are often interested in Chinese medicine. We can thus give people around tea the opportunity to peek into the world of TCM, and people interested in Chinese medicine give the opportunity to discover the world of tea.