Yunnan Golden Buds | Dian Hong Jin Ya - Option: 50 g

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The exclusive use of single young tea buds to make Yunnan Golden Buds tea is highly unusual for a black tea. Because of this, it possesses a very rich aroma that some people say resembles cacao. The flavor is smooth with a delicate sweetness that fills the entire palate. The sweet and malty profile has complex notes of cacao, sour fruits and wheat biscuits. Golden Buds is truly a remarkable tea. More

Our Golden Buds tea comes from the mountain forests of the Baiying region in Yunnan Province. It is harvested when the year’s first tea buds begin to grow in late March or early April. Most black teas are made from leaves that are harvested later in the season, and when oxidized and dried, they appear black in color. Young tea buds, on the other hand, are a beautiful golden color after processing. This is due to the rich antioxidants and lower amount of chlorophyll contained in the young growth.

Form loose tea
Country of origin China
Province Yunnan
Location Lincang, Baiyingshan 白莺山
Cultivar Bai Ying Shan Da Ye 白莺山大叶
Local name Dian Hong Jin Ya 滇紅金芽
Organic Yes
Altitude 2100 m