Taiwan Oriental Beauty - Bai Hao Oolong | Dong Fang Mei Ren - Option: 500 g

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One of the best quality Taiwanese Oolongs, which in other respects differs immediately from the others.The tea offers the complex, honey-tinged flavour of Oolong teas in combination with the fullness of black teas. Here we can observe a slightly spicy taste and aroma reminiscent of Keemun teas. More

One of the best quality Taiwanese Oolongs, which in other respects differs immediately from the others. It is harvested in summer, unlike the winter and spring harvests of the other teas of this type, and in the level of oxidation is closer to black tea than to green. With regard to this fact we would classify it rather amongst traditional teas, which are being slowly replaced by fashionable low-oxidised Oolongs such as Gao Shan, Dong Ding or Jin Xuan. The actual oxidation process also differs, since this takes place on the plant before harvesting thanks to specific insects which feed on the tea leaves and disturb its structure.

This tea originates in Zhushan area located between Shanlinxi and Alishan, most celebrated for its fragrant high-mountain oolongs. Our Beauty tea is based on Summer picking of Qing Xin leaves. The farm is coincidentally often blessed with a generous presence of “Mixiang” taste and aroma from his leaf pickings: the sought after, and often elusive, honey component that is so characteristic of good Oriental Beauty teas. His strict obedience to non-abusive responsible practices regarding pesticide usage certainly offers a more welcoming terrain for the little leaf hoppers to offer their contribution in bringing out the honey taste! A good bouquet of fruits with a hint of rose entices the taste buds that will confirm the refreshing quench of marmalade-like citrus notes with a thick wild honey brioche texture and balanced spiciness. There is nothing low-end to this Oriental Beauty tea apart from the price! It is generous and most satisfying.

The name “Oriental Beauty” was given to the tea by Queen Elizabeth II, but worldwide this tea is known under the names of Eastern Beauty, Bai Hao Oolong, Silver Tip Formosa, Dong Feng Mei Ren or Pong Fong Cha amongst others. The tea did not reach the west until the end of the 19th century, when Taiwan began to export its Oolongs. It was originally cultivated only in the north of the country (then a province), mainly in the Wenshan region.

Form loose tea
Country of origin Taiwan
Location Nantou, Zhushan 竹山
Cultivar Qing Xin 青心
Organic Yes