Georgian Wild Black Tea Ghmerti - Option: 37,5 g

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Very special wild tea that grows in Georgian woods. Rumour has it that the tea garden was started hundreds years ago by vassals of Prince Miha and then left to its fate. As time passed, tea trees disappeared among taller trees which have grown much faster. Tea trees gained a lot of strength not only thanks to a rich forest soil but also thanks to the fact that there was no harvest for some hundreds of years. They grow naturally shaded by surrounding trees having a perfect amount of sunshine throughout the day to produce well balanced tea leaves. The large tea leaves provide a long series of brews without any excessive bitterness, trained tongues can recognize chestnuts, forest berries and honey.

Georgian Prince Miha Eristavi first encountered tea during his travels across China in the 1830s. Impressed with its taste he decided that he would take some seeds back to Georgia. At the time, exporting tea seeds from China was forbidden so the prince hid some seeds in a length of bamboo and smuggled it out of the country. On his return to Georgia he used the seeds to create the first tea plantations. The very first Georgian tea was produced in 1947.

In Georgian mythology Ghmerti is the supreme divinity and the head of the pantheon of gods. He is the all-powerful Lord of the Universe and its Creator.

Form loose tea
Country of origin Georgia
From seeds Yes
Wild Yes