For obvious reasons, there are just a few authentic old tree shu pu-erh teas on the market. Firstly, a pile fermentation (Wodui) of shu pu-erh changes the tea material a lot. Thus it is generally practiced that shu pu-erh doesn’t use high quality material to process. Reflected on the price of tea, we can see that usually the price of shu pu-erh is lower than sheng pu-erh despite the fact that the processing of shu pu-erh is a lot more complicated. The most of shu pu-erh teas are based on a material blended from multiple sources regardless of a quality. Based on our experience, many so called ‘old tree’ shu pu-erh teas carry pesticdes or a high content of Anthraquinone, which can usually be considered as an index of overfrying or even burning of mao cha (a raw material for processing of shu pu-erh). EU limit is 0.02 ppm. The second reason is that the manufacturing of shu pu-erh (pile fermentation) requires a large quantity of tea to be well done. A few tons of tea are needed to start. It is not easy to collect enough pure old tree maocha for it. This is why we are exited to bring you authentic ancient tree shu pu-erh from Ming Feng Shan. The age of tea trees selected for this tea is 350 years or more. Several forms are available... standard loose, gong ting (palace tribute), lao cha tou and mini tuo cha.

The Manufactuering of Real Old Tree Shu Pu-erh 7 The Manufactuering of Real Old Tree Shu Pu-erh 13