Liu An tea is a famous tea originating in Anhui Province in China. This region has a long tradition of making post-fermented teas like their neighbors in Yunnan province who make Pu-erh tea. The manufacturing process is similar to Pu-erh tea and Liu An is a much sought after favourite among tea connoisseurs. Its medicinal properties pushed it into the spotlight, with the earliest appearance being in the Tang Dynasty (somewhere between 618-907 A.D). Aged Liu-an tea is soft and vivid with its little bitterness. However, the specific attractive bitterness is perfectly enhancing the overall taste of the tea. In Hong Kong, there is strong tradition of drinking Liu An teas (Luk On in Cantonese). Liu An and Pu-erh teas aged in Hong Kong are important daily drinks of local people, an important attribute of daily healthy living.